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ICTC Dry food

The distinction is evident


At our core, we lead the way in providing straightforward, non-GMO emergency food options that you can trust. We believe in using recognizable ingredients, ensuring you have peace of mind during challenging times.


What you see is precisely what you get. We steer clear of deceptive advertising, exaggerated claims, and misleading information. Our commitment is to offer clear and transparent options you can rely on.


Our selection includes a wide variety of hearty foods carefully curated for long-term sustainability and survival. We prioritize nourishment without relying on sugary drinks or desserts.


We take pride in our products, standing behind them with utmost confidence. If you encounter any issues, rest assured that we will make it right, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

While it may be tempting to solely focus on comparing servings and calories, the true key lies in looking beyond those figures. Delving deeper into the composition of the servings, such as distinguishing hearty meals from sugary drinks, desserts, plain white rice, and generic sides, is essential. By conducting this comprehensive analysis, the distinction becomes evident, showcasing the unmistakable advantage of Valley Food Storage.

Its All about Quality

When faced with the important task of selecting a brand for long-term emergency food, the abundance of choices and various claims can be daunting. However, at our company, we believe in making our position crystal clear: Quality and dependability will forever remain our utmost priorities. Your trust and confidence in our products are of the highest importance to us.


When it comes to emergency food, calories are undeniably crucial. However, not all calories are created equal. Some may argue that “calories are calories” in survival situations, leading companies to add sugary additives or excessive rice to inflate their caloric numbers and improve product appearance. However, at ICTC, we reject this approach.

We firmly believe in the importance of quality calories. We understand the significant difference between high-quality and low-quality calories, and we prioritize high-quality calories for survival. Our commitment is evident in our products; you won’t find sugary additives or unnecessary amounts of rice in our offerings. Instead, we offer wholesome and hearty meals with quality calories that keep you sharp and prepared for any situation.


Consider this question: When you go to the grocery store, does it trouble you to purchase food that is filled with artificial ingredients, chemicals, and unhealthy components? If so, then it’s equally essential to pay close attention to the nutrition labels when selecting long-term food options. Sadly, the emergency food industry is no stranger to including unhealthy additives to reduce costs and increase the quantity of low-quality calories.

The truth lies in the nutrition label. Take a moment to compare a nutrition label from ICTC with just about any other brand, and you’ll notice the difference. Our products are made with simple and recognizable ingredients that you can trust, ensuring a more nourishing and wholesome choice for your long-term food needs.