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INJAZ Hospitality

INJAZ Hospitality is currently looking to create and hold the franchise rights to several strategically selected restaurant chains across the USA, Mena & Asia regions by developing a suite of luxurious restaurants and cafes.

FMCG franchise acts as a significant tool in providing opportunity in expanding business to a much broader extent. INJAZ CT Corporation established INJAZ CT Franchise Management that became a key player in regional distribution franchise setup. INJAZ CT Franchise Management provides assistance and guidance in establishing and growing novel businesses in competitive FMCG sector.

By providing sustainable business model, market plan, market share analysis, communication system, staffing guide as well as internal and external procedures scheme, INJAZ CT Franchise Management provides FMCG franchise model. Franchise partnerships enable INJAZ CT Corporation & INJAZ CT Franchise Management to operate in the market where the Group does not already have a presence in. This kind of cooperation also allows us to benefit from the local expertise of our franchise partners.

INJAZ CT Corporation established its subsidiary INJAZ Hospitality that is committed to the development of world-class hospitality, asset management and real estate products. Our combined knowledge and passion positions us as a strategic partner and employer. We are constantly striving to enhance our team of experts with new talent and are poised for significant growth.