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Founder’s Message

Welcome and thank you for your interest in INJAZ CT Corporation.

Our Group is focused on delivering competent products and services through a broad array of diversified businesses.  INJAZ CT Corporation’s subsidiaries have been delivering outstanding results since 2002 across the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific. Our capabilities are acknowledged with significant gratitude from international partners and associates.

All our subsidiaries and divisions have a ‘can do’ attitude originated from years of experience. We are building on our history of success by working to enhance the value we provide to our subsidiaries. Thanks to diversified projects, resources, and market shares, the Group is experiencing continuous growth, constantly being at the forefront, in dedicated and progressive endeavors.

At INJAZ CT Corporation, we embrace innovation and promote creative ways to approach challenges. This allows us to pass nothing but benefits to our subsidiaries – this is our definition of success.

Best regards,
Alex G. Tannous
Founder & Chairman,
INJAZ CT Corporation