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Find out why over 88,000 agents around the world have chosen to join ICTC .

Cloud-based model

Our exclusive virtual platform, ICTC Reality Trading, empowers our agents to operate from any location and at any time.

Global community

Uncover various opportunities to earn with us, benefiting from a competitive commission split, stock options, and the potential for revenue sharing.

Competitive compensation

Explore multiple avenues to earn through our program, offering a competitive commission split, stock options, and revenue sharing opportunities.

Total flexibility

Become a part of our ever-expanding global community, comprising more than 88,000 agents, partners, and like-minded industry leaders.

ICTC Reality, where we revolutionize the brokage with cutting-edge innovation and technology. Our commitment to excellence has led us to develop a world-leading brokerage model, providing an exceptional reality Trading experience.

At ICTC Reality, we take pride in our powerful online marketing tools and virtual technology, empowering our agents to thrive in the digital age. Our unique business model offers an unparalleled compensation package, featuring a generous commission structure and a one-of-a-kind revenue program.

One of the exciting benefits of joining ICTC Reality is the potential to earn ICTC World Holdings stock awards (OTC: ICTC). Our agents have the opportunity to earn stock for various achievements, such as closing their first transaction. Additionally, there’s a chance to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock, presenting a compelling incentive for growth and success.

Join us at ICTC Reality and experience the future of reality trading. With our innovative approach and rewarding opportunities, we are committed to empowering our agents to reach new heights in their careers. Discover the possibilities with ICTC Reality today!

We Welcome you

ICTC Reality trading stands as the world’s pioneering cloud-based trading brokerage service, uniting over 88,000 agents through our revolutionary virtual platform, ICTC.

Why join ICTC Reality?

Embrace the opportunities to overcome hurdles and achieve profitability with ICTC, the world’s fastest-growing reality trading brokerage service. Discover numerous pathways to build and expand your business while gaining valuable insights from the industry. Join us on this journey of growth and success.


Agents can keep up to this percentage of their commissions.


Agents are offered this many training hours per week.


Agent benefits

At ICTC Dubai, agents are the heartbeat of our enterprise. They have the opportunity to become shareholders, build their own brands, and access cutting-edge technology, tools, and training to take charge of their careers, attain financial freedom, shape their lives, and secure their future.

Reality trading brokerage with a difference

Through our competitive compensation packages and innovative cloud-based business model, ICTC stands as a brokerage service that truly makes a difference. With a thriving community of 88,000 agents, we are dedicated to transforming the reality trading industry for the better.