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ICTC Shipping ‘Turnkey’

Welcome to INJAZ CT Corp, your premier provider of supply chain solutions. Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of industries, ensuring seamless and efficient operations for businesses worldwide.

At INJAZ CT Corp, we specialize in a variety of core products, including Chemical Warehousing, Temperature-Controlled Storage Solutions, Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Road Transport. With our integrated and tailor-made end-to-end solutions, we guarantee a smooth and reliable global delivery network.

To better understand how our services cater to your specific industry verticals, we invite you to explore our offerings by clicking on the respective service hyperlinks conveniently located on the left side of the page.

No matter what you’re importing or exporting, be it food or clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or Oil and gas, INJAZ  ocean shipping solutions ensure that your products reach their destination seamlessly. From meticulously selecting the ideal container for your goods to loading them safely and efficiently at the portside, and carefully monitoring their condition throughout the journey, we are with you every step of the way.

Working with INJAZ Shipping connects you to a vast network of experts spanning over 675 offices, meticulously planning 300 global routes to 520 ports across more than 155 countries. Our commitment lies in offering competitive rates, fast transit times, and personalized support tailored to your unique shipping needs. With INJAZ Shipping, your cargo is in capable hands, ensuring a smooth and successful voyage.

Full Portfolio of Shipping Solutions

INJAZ Logistics covers 140 destinations covering Europe, Gulf, America, Far East, and Africa. We pride ourselves by our extensive network reach which allows fast communication and premium service to our customers. Where ever you are, where ever your cargo is going, INJAZ Logistics can accommodate your requirements and provide you with a cheaper more economic solution to move your cargo.

Ports and Terminals

Cargo Project

Logistics Solutions

Warehousing, storage & terminals

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In this section, the figures on seaborne trade represent the volumes of international shipments, measured in metric tons, of goods loaded and discharged at seaports worldwide. It is important to note that cabotage (coastal shipping) and transshipments are not included in these measurements.

Goods loaded for international shipment are considered exports, while goods discharged from ships are treated as imports. The seaborne trade balance is determined by calculating the difference between the volumes of loaded and discharged goods.

Dry cargo encompasses various goods typically transported in non-tanker vessels, such as dry bulks (e.g., coal, ores, grains), pallets, bags, crates, and containers. On the other hand, the “other” tanker trade category refers to tanker trade excluding crude oil. It includes refined petroleum products, gas, and chemicals.

To compile the data presented here, we have sourced information from a variety of reputable outlets, including country reports, port industry data, and other specialized websites. Rest assured that these figures provide valuable insights into the global seaborne trade landscape.

Specialized global solutions for the entire maritime industry

At INJAZ Shipping, we take great pride in offering world-class integrated logistics solutions, while never forgetting our roots at sea. As a leading provider of maritime solutions, we collaborate with governments and organizations worldwide, actively contributing to the development of universal marine standards.

Operating at a remarkable scale, we undertake over 300 projects annually at our drydocks in Dubai. Our state-of-the-art facilities have been home to some of the world’s largest new-build offshore fabrication programs. Notably, our new ship-lift facility can lift two vessels of up to 2,500 tonnes, exemplifying our commitment to efficiency and innovation.

With our extensive shipping services, you can confidently reach customers across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, ensuring seamless connectivity and supply chain excellence. At INJAZ Shipping, we continue to drive progress and excellence in the maritime industry, consistently delivering reliable solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients and partners.

All Types of Commodities

INJAZ Shipping stands as a leading force in global logistics. Our wide-ranging services support diverse industries, efficiently moving goods, from perishable food to automobiles. With a meticulous approach, our seasoned team ensures smooth cargo handling and secure delivery. Leveraging our extensive network of port operations, we conquer intricate logistics challenges effortlessly. Dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to offer tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. Embracing innovation and sustainability, we forge a path towards a greener and more resilient logistics industry. Together, we navigate the seas of success, making a positive impact on the world of trade and commerce.

All Types of Containers

At INJAZ Shipping, we pride ourselves on our extensive fleet of vessels, providing a diverse range of container options to cater to all your cargo needs. Whether you require dry cargo containers for standard goods or the world’s most advanced reefer containers for perishable items, we have you covered.

With container choices including 20′, 40′, high cube, open top, and collapsible, you have the flexibility to transport your breakbulk cargo efficiently and securely. Our commitment to excellence and personalized support ensures that your shipments are handled with utmost care and precision.

With over 20 years of industry experience and a global network of experts, we offer competitive rates and reliable shipping solutions to destinations across the globe. Choose INJAZ Shipping as your trusted logistics partner, and experience the difference of seamless shipping for your valuable cargo.