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The tale of INJAZ CT Corporations began in Dubai in 2002, when Alex Tannous laid the foundation of the company with a modest cargo ship, the MV Paula. Since then, the business has flourished and diversified, now encompassing a highly successful  services, as well as leading advancements in inland and port terminal infrastructure. Headquartered in Dubai, the corporation remains privately owned and unwavering in its commitment to caring for customers, employees, and the environment

ICTC Corporation

As a global frontrunner in container shipping, INJAZ CT Corporations excels in providing transport and logistics solutions that link communities, customers, and international business partners across the globe. Our primary emphasis lies in fostering robust, long-term partnerships with customers of all scales, and our extensive network comprises over 800 offices worldwide. This culminates in a truly global service that is delivered with a personalized, local touch.

INJAZ CT Logistics

As a family-run company, our focus is on people. We aim to create limitless opportunities with sustainable shipping and logistics solutions. Supporting economies and ensuring smooth cargo flow worldwide, even in challenging times, is our pride. Trust us for dependable transport services and lasting partnerships. Together, we forge progress and prosperity in the shipping industry.











INJAZ TCL (Terminal Capital Limited) is a prominent terminal operator that was established in 2007. Our core focus lies in investing in, developing, and actively managing container terminals across the globe, frequently engaging in joint ventures with other major terminal operators. Over the years, our growth has been remarkable, propelling us to become one of the largest and most geographically diverse terminal businesses on an international scale.

With significant ownership stakes in 70 operating terminals and one developmental terminal spanning 27 countries across five continents, we are deeply committed to contributing to the global logistics landscape. Our dedication to excellence and strategic partnerships has solidified our position as a leading player in the industry.

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Established in 2003, ICTCLOG stands as a comprehensive, one-stop shop for global supply chain operations. As an independent logistics operator, we specialize in providing multimodal transportation services encompassing road, rail, barge, and ocean services. Our unwavering mission is to offer customers cost-effective, integrated, and sustainable point-to-point solutions. In pursuit of this vision, we consistently invest in assets, infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology on a global scale.

Led by Chairman, Mr. Alex G. Tannous, INJAZ CT Corporation identifies appropriate investment opportunities internationally. Dedicated team of professionals brings the knowledge and expertise in order to support the investments strategies, subsidiaries, business units and achievement of long term goals. The core of the Group is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of its businesses and shareholders.

In order to achieve sustainable growth, INJAZ CT Corporation becomes part of the social and economic fabric locally and internationally. INJAZ CT Corporation is always keen for varied business interests and has always been a chief paradigm in the world of innovation. The Group is highly committed to transforming creative ideas into realistic products and services. The Group comprises of highly enthusiastic and multi-professional experts who have proven to be a valuable asset for the Group. Our services reflect true form of professionalism and expertise. INJAZ CT Corporation and its subsidiaries have always been client oriented; providing services that are both cost-effective and comply with safety and quality standards.

At INJAZ CT Corporation, people are our greatest asset; our human capital’s activities are underpinned by corporate values, philosophy and integrity. The Group believes that people perform best when provided achievable goals and positive work environment, therefore it is committed to creating clear framework that values the input of employees, partners and shareholders.